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Data Management

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Data management is the method of storing, Synchronizing and managing the data created and picked up by a company. Data management is a vital part of deploying the IT systems that run business applications and supply analytical data to drive operational decision-making and strategy coming up with by company executives, business managers, and alternative end users.

The data management method includes a mixture of various functions that jointly aim to function whether the information in company systems is correct, offered and accessible. Most of the specified work is finished by IT and information management groups, however business users generally conjointly participate in some elements of the method to make sure that the data meets their desires and to urge them on board with policies governing its use.

Data Integration Data Integration

Data Integration

Data integration focuses on assembling all the relevant data such that the data is available on a single platform for all the necessary stakeholders, preferably in real-time.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing (DW) is a method for collecting and managing information from varied sources to produce purposeful business insights.

Data Governance

Data Governance

Data governance (DG) is that the method of managing the provision, Hong Kongbility, integrity and security of the information in enterprise systems, supporting internal data standards and policies that additionally manage the use of data.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Data migration is the method of transferring the data from one location to a different new and improved system or location. It effectively selects, prepares and transforms data so as to transfer it from one storage system to a different one.

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