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Product Data Entry

The exclusive Product Data Entry service offered by us is reliable support.

Our enterprise has an experience of working in a wide variety with the end-to-end eCommerce services team by providing online retail solutions for more than a decade now. We understand your business by carefully analyzing your target audience as well as their online behavior, by providing custom eCommerce services to specifically addressing the needs of your customer and thus increasing the profit for you.

We, at Hvantage Technologies, have been helping many online retailers all over the world in maintaining their online stores at affordable costs without compromising in the quality, productivity or the turnaround time. Our catalog processing specialists team has crossed 850 now with Hvantage Technologies having experience of more than a decade and a client rate of over 1,500 E-Commerce stores.

Access to the Internet has become easier, and e-business becoming the way to sell products to a wide range of customers across the globe provides the selling of products through online stores which has become a way of life for many retailers. This eCommerce e-commerce/e-business is popularly called 'e-tailing' or 'virtual storefronts'.

With the worldwide recession looming over like a monster, online retailers are looking for ways through which they can cut costs without compromising on the way their online stores should look. The easiest solution is to outsource Ecommerce Data Entry or Product Data Entry/ Product Data Upload, Online Store Maintenance to a third-party provider who would maintain online stores at costs that would not break the bank balance and maintain the quality, productivity and regular updating of online e-commerce stores.

Hvantage strives to help many online retailers all over the world in maintaining their online stores at affordable costs without compromising on quality, productivity, and turnaround time. We offer flexible pricing models that would fit the client's requirements to perfection. We are your full-service providers for Web Content Management, Catalogue Processing, Online Product Entry, E-Commerce Data Entry, Online Image/Graphics Support, and Database Maintenance for your online/e-commerce stores.

We also lay our hands on getting information from a variety of sources like catalogs (printed or PDF), manufacturer's websites, digitally shot images or any other trade source. We are comfortable in working with several industry-standard eCommerce storefronts like Yahoo Store, OsCommerce, MonsterCommerce, Volusion, NetSuite as well as any custom built e-commerce application.

Our company covers a wide range of E-Commerce Data Entry Services covers but is not limited to:

  • Catalogue Building i.e. converting your paper catalogs into digital content and giving them an online presence.
  • Catalogue Indexing i.e. placing products in correct categories and subcategories and indexing catalogs in alphabetical order or client's preferred way to make online stores user friendly.
  • Graphic Support i.e. processing source images by cleaning up, adding watermark/signature, re-sizing to different size options for thumbnail, normal and zoom view, adherence to file naming convention for images.
  • Catalog Updation / Online Store Maintenance i.e. adding/updating products and product-related information like name, title, price, SKUs, MFGs, description, part number, available quantity, images, shipping; modifying prices or any other related information; scrap old product models; add product information to the database and many more such related services.
  • Content and SEO Support: We can add content/description for your products and images by using keywords that make the product page SEO compatible.
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