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Smart Traffic App Development

Smart traffic App is one of the largest and effective community-based application which aims to control Traffic and Navigation problems.

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Smart Traffic App For Traffic Management

Smart traffic App is one of the largest community-based Traffic and Navigation App. The application provides information about the traffic on a particular route and also suggests different routes that can save the travel time of the user and the user can safely reach his destination. The application is able to perform this operation because of the joining drivers in the area who share their real-time traffic location along with additional information like road info, gas money, nearest petrol service, etc so as to make traveling convenient for all.
The user not only benefits himself while driving with the Smart Traffic app but also contributes to huge amounts of ongoing movement data to benefit other neighborhood groups. User can effectively report mischances, police traps and different dangers which are seen around.
The application allows the user to set up street alarms along the course and locate the least expensive gas costs around which is shared by the group. Furthermore, users can include companions, send areas or update others as often as possible on entry time.

Smart Traffic App Features

Live Updates

The application provides a live steering view of group-driven, constant activity and street information. Also includes live maps which are reliably altered and refreshed by the app user

Travel Route

Info The app finds the least traffic routes and inexpensive service station on your course. It also updated you with the remaining distance to your destination, driving hours, and favored courses.

Smart Traffic App

Share Your ETA

You can send your Estimated Time of Arrival and constant drive to refresh those you're meeting and can even see companions' ETA when heading to a similar goal

Automatic Rerouting

The automatic rerouting feature is included as conditions change out and about. The user can Turn-on the voice-guided route which informs the user about the mischances, dangers, police traps, and street terminations

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