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Hostel Management

Efficient open ERP software framework through which the hostel structure can be configured as needed

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The hostel amenities Management is a very tedious task. You have to track and manage things ranging from fresh admissions, payments, admission withdrawals, allocations to accessories and peripherals as well as housekeeping. Such a task becomes easy with the hostel management system. Hvantage Technologies being a leading outsourcing service brand provides your business with an experience of a state-of-the-art Open ERP Hostel Management module. The software framework helps in managing hostels functionalities of any institutes like fresh admissions, withdrawals, bed/room allocations, housekeeping, necessary amenities, etc. Through the system, the hostel structure can also be configured as per the requirements.

We use a high-end hostel management ERP software development model dispensed by pragmatic Technosoft. we aim to manage very grounded requirements with ease. The functionalities can be fully-customized according to the business current needs and can assist in various activities of allocations as well as payment transactions.

Features of ERP Hostel Management

Helps in collation and management of hostel, their admission process, cancellations, allocations, transactions, housekeeping records, staff records, amenities, etc

  • State-of-the-art design
  • High-end outsourcing services
  • High potential in managing large amounts of data
  • Function requirements customization
  • ERP Software Development customization
  • Classification of important information from garbage
  • Ease of access from the large database
  • An efficient inventory control system
  • Prompt amendment (addition/deletion) options
  • Management and technology solutions

Auto Generation Of Invoices

Hostel Management

Bedwise Facility Allocation

Hostel Management

Bedwise Price Configuration

Hostel Management

Easy Process of Maintaining Attendance Data Entries

Hostel Management

Easy Scheduling Of House Keeping Activities

Hostel Management

Easy Configuaration Of Hostel Structure

Hostel Management

Extra Facility

Hostel Management
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