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Charity App Development

The charity application is categorized into all types of charitable acts which include animal charity, environment charity, disaster relief charity, etc.

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Charity App For Social Funding

Every human being wants to contribute to the development of society. This will make the world a better place for living not only for humans but for all creatures living on this earth. This charity app helps the user to accomplish this act of kindness. The charity application is fully categorized with all types of charitable acts like animal charity, environment charity, a disaster relief charity, etc. Users who donate to charity can get all information regarding specific charity types. This app provides an overview of various charity aid foundations. The users of this charity app can check the result of their charity to determine further charity aids and also can check the results of various organizations so as to decide which organization to fund for charity. Online money transactions to raise money for charity are an excellent feature of this app which provides higher safety & transparency in comparison to other charity apps.

This app maintains the complete database of the activities of the user and their charitable actions. The app contributes to raising money for charity for the enhancement of society as well as nature. Our mobile app developers have also developed a reminding calendar for users that notifies them about the payment dates. Users can share this charity app with their friends with a single click so that their friends will also become aware of the misery and start contributing towards society. This app makes it easier to contact the charity organizations and achieve their society's developmental goals.

Charity App Features

User Activity Database

The application tracks the activities and charitable acts of the user to maintain records in its database and use as a reference when required.

Online Money Transfer

The application serves with the most secure and transparent way to transfer money online.

Charity App

Details about Charitable institutions

User can know about various charity aid organizations and the issues of the past few years, on which they have worked on.

Calender as a Reminder

The calendar feature of the application reminds the user through notifications to make a payment without any delays.

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