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Sourcing and Procurement

We believe that the part of the HR function is similar to that of a strategic partner.

Hvantage Sourcing Solutions group aids you to extract internationally competitive dealers and efficiently accomplish supply chains and contractor dealings, by stretching your protracted arm for sourcing, locating and for contractor eminence assertion.

Client Challenges

Client Challenges

  • Speeding Up novel creation
  • Classification and Position of fresh bases of source that are competitive and greatly improve superiority, transport, and provision
  • The decrease in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Acclimatize in rising marketplaces by obeying native content instruction

Hvantage Technologies Provisions

  • Global Sourcing Program Management: We have prerequisites for worldwide sourcing initiative of an alliance and carry out the following services:
    1. Identification and screening of dealer
    2. Assessment and assortment of dealer
    3. Amount settlement and RFQ management
    4. Pre-manufacture portions' improvement
    5. Brilliance provision and Logistics
    6. Absolute manufacture and continual development provision
  • Strategic Sourcing Assessment and Implementation: We perform an evaluation of current sourcing and procurement competencies escorted by an examination of disbursing. This evaluation is consequently thrived with the application of frequent sourcing policies to gain the underlying profits and reserves.
  • Zero-based "Should Costing": This includes a detailed evaluation of the pricing policies of products to measure the estimated costs. With our detailed discussion with the dealers, we focus on saving costs for our customers.
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Services: This encompasses moderation quality systems and OEM certifications, dealer reviews, and their growth and efficiency promotions.
  • Prototype development: we are experts in developing planned software and assisting the users. We serve the sample development as well which easily demonstrates the project's specifications and helps customers to ask for making the desired changes.

Business Value

  • Effective & provisional continual development of projects.
  • We serve in the way that our clients reach on the top position and easily enter into the emerging marketplace.
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