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Repair Management

Efficient managing ERP software development, delivering true value to your repair management.

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Hvantage can help you boost up your business by gaining complete control over the repair sector. The auto repair business needs to deal with a large number of clients and dealers. This requires a strong backbone of technical support as well as handy technology solutions by your trusted service providers. We provide you with the most efficient system for managing ERP software development, delivering true value to your repair management.

The extended offerings of this system include inventory management, ERP management software, supplier engagement and customer service management. Our primary aim is to offer you with the required user experience in the repair vertical. The outsourcing services we offer makes us unique from all competitors pinning for the same.

Hvantage Technologies offers you open ERP management software that helps you take complete control over the front-end administrative firm. Repair analysis execution becomes just a one-click process at your disposal with the features we offer. From the ease of access to adequate report generation, we offer you with streamlined business verticals on the ERP that include:

  • Spare part inventory records
  • Vehicle tracking records
  • Time investment analysis
  • Vehicle repair documentation
  • Financial documentation
  • Revenue and cost management report
  • Job wise performance analysis
  • Resource allocation key-metrics
  • Creation of different warehouse locations
  • Warehouse records
  • Spare parts movement records


  • Repair order management
  • Spare part supply-demand records
  • Multi-center dynamic ERP management
  • Repair Vendors can properly manage their spare parts inventory and view reports across different warehouse locations with our offerings.
  • Repair Vendors can easily view the movement of spare parts across different warehouse locations.
  • Repair Orders received from the Customers are handled efficiently.
  • The Purchases of Spare parts & materials useful to Repair Vendors for giving the Repair service of Vehicles to their Customers are easily handled.
  • All the Repair Centers present across different Geographic Locations can be efficiently managed and supervised within a single view by using the unique Multi-Company feature of the product.

Efficient management execution can be done for any Repairing process and for any type of vehicle like Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, etc with the help of highly specific information available in a single click, at your disposal. Job-wise performance tracking of resources on key metrics can be performed. The user gets the ability to allocate spare parts and to monitor man-hours consumed in a particular repair. Different provisions to create different Warehouse Locations.


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Repair Management

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Repair Management

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Repair Management

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Repair Management
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