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Multiple Category Reward App Development

One App for all applications. This application acts as a parent application of all other applications contained inside it. The multiple deal app allows the user to use different category app within this single application

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Multiple Category Reward App For Offers

People want to gain more benefits by investing less and this is a common tendency of every human being. The mobile app developer develops this multiple deals app to serve the purpose. As the name suggests apps enable users to get multiple products with multiple rewards, multiple offers within the same application. There are various categories inbuilt in this app such as life & style, restaurants & cafes, spa & saloons, etc. Users can get contact details of it and book their preference with the reference of these online deals shopping app. After taking the service of the selected category, users can take a screenshot of the bill and upload it on this app and get coupons/ points for online shopping. There are multiple usages of these coupons.

This app integrates itself with major online shops so users can enjoy an enhanced experience of online shopping with the coupons/points. Only registered members with these restaurant deals app can enjoy these exclusive deals. This app is available for all android OS just download it and enjoy various offers. The application also gives regular updates about the user activities and updates of the user’s point status like total points, used points, remaining points, etc. They can also check their purchase history. If users have any suggestions or positive views of this online deal app they can share with the help of this app. After getting this app you can enjoy best hotel deals, café rewards, and many more deals. Users can also avail exciting new deals and offers. If the user loves traveling he/she can use this app by uploading various hotel bills and can enjoy exciting offers of online shopping.

Multiple Category Reward App Features

Shop using reward points

The application provides the user with reward points with every service the user enjoys by using this app.

One App for All

The application covers a wide range of services categorized for user convenience like restaurants, lifestyle, spa, saloons, etc.

Multiple Category Reward App

Purchase History

The user can check his previous preferences and purchase history. The application also recommends the products and services to the user by looking at his previous purchase record.

Reward Point Updates

The application maintains a proper record of user’s reward points i.e. the total number of points, used points, remaining points, etc so that the user can use used the points productively.

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