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Healthcare Management Solutions

Our IT healthcare solutions will facilitate patients to get better experience and quality treatment.

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Our Healthcare Management solutions are meant to cater to the supreme demands of the healthcare industry. Here, Success can only be achieved by maintaining the accuracy and availability of information, our company promises specialization under three domains, namely: Hospital Information System (HIS). Electronic Medical Record. Health Information System. Our centralized module will enable doctors to access a patient's medical records very precisely so that in case of emergency, the life of the patient could be saved. These automated systems would gigantically increase the productivity of hospitals/clinics at a very marginal cost.

Our Service also includes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which will enable hospitals to maintain healthcare management and administration in a single window. Our IT healthcare solutions will facilitate patients to get better experience and quality treatment. With the help of our centralized ERP Software doctors can access patient's medical records in a jiff. Our IT Healthcare services are also very competent and cost-saving.


  • Software to create and synchronize appointments for patients.
  • Helps in maintaining the status of appointments, rechecking the scheduled appointments.
  • Helps in adding therapeutic diets beliefs etc.
  • It also includes details of the medical provided to the patient.
  • It also includes a nursing plan and discharge plan



  • Manages and adds details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc.
  • The built-in software creates records for patients admitted to the hospital.
  • Provides for adding of Nursing plan and Discharging Plan.
  • Facilitates adding Medicines provided to the patient.


  • It helps in calculating Acute Physiology and Chronic Health evaluation 2 (APACHE 2) score It helps in calculating Electrocardiography (ECG) It helps in calculating the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)PATIENT REGISTRATION Record creation consist of the personal details of patients which include Name, Address, Gender, Birthday, etc.
  • Previous medication history like Diseases History, Patient PSC, Total Medication given till now, Appointment History of patients, Patient Diet and Exercise details, Patient addiction details, Patient lab test reports, patient genetic risk details, patient gyneco details, Patient PAP Smear details, Patient Colposcopy details, Patient Obstetrics details, Patient Surgery details, Patient Socioeconomic details, etc are added and updated constantly.



  • Creating a request for lab tests.
  • lab test results are created in the relevant templates provided.
  • Test results are entered into the lab test template.


  • Proper record maintenance of a newly born baby which would include basic details like Baby's name, gender, length, Cephalic, Perimeter, Weight, Date of Birth, Doctor in charge, etc.
  • Maintaining a proper record of Neonatal signs and symptoms like Meconium, Positive Barlow, Talipes Equinovarus, Transversal Palmar Crease, Syndactyly, etc are maintained, Moro Reflex, Sucking Reflex, etc.
  • Swimming reflex, Grasp reflex, Babinski Reflex, Moro Reflex, Sucking Reflex, etc which comes under Neonatal Reflex details are maintained.
  • Proper record maintenance of the APGAR score of the child.


  • Lab tests, appointments, prescriptions invoices are created for proper data availability.
  • Transaction details are automatically entered into the balance sheet.

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