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Veterinary Medical Module

Efficient veterinary health-care solutions at your doorstep by dispensing state-of-the-art products.

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Veterinary Medical Module MADE MORE GENERATIVE

Veterinary Management ERP technology solutions at Hvantage Technologies bring to you ERP 7 module on veterinary medicals alongside introducing better and more advanced health-care products.

This includes the features like , Pet information portal , Appointment scheduling , Laboratory inventory , Notification reminder , ICU information portal , Invoice Records , Pediatrics details , Warehouse management records, etc


  • Lab Test configuration
  • Lab Units management
  • Inventory management


  • Pre-configuration of ICD-10 standard 14200 diseases
  • Dynamic disease listing
  • Pathology categorization
  • Pre-configuration of 250 disease categories

Medical Procedures

  • Pre-configuration of 72600 processes
  • Dynamic records
  • Information portal


  • Physician records
  • Physician schedule management


  • Dosage management
  • Units management
  • Routing records
  • Form records


  • The default configuration of 4300 risks
  • 60 medical specialties
  • 650 configured occupations
  • Dynamic configuration


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prompt updates
  • Classification configuration
  • Peripheral records
  • Checklist management


  • Patient detail records
  • Disease history records
  • Medication history records
  • Diet schedules
  • Lab test results
  • Risk calculation
  • Socioeconomic details

Nursing Checks

  • Regular check-up details
  • Round recordings
  • ICU round evaluations

Ambulatory Care

  • Procedure history
  • Vitality evaluation
  • Vaccination details


  • Newborn details
  • Symptom records
  • Reflex check details


  • Invoice report management
  • Medical history documentation
  • Evaluation records
  • Inventory records
  • Patient detail reports
  • Lab test reports
  • Payment record management

Invoice 1

Veterinary Medical Module

Invoice 2

Veterinary Medical Module

New Born Record

Veterinary Medical Module

Patient Admission Records

Veterinary Medical Module

Patient Information

Veterinary Medical Module

Patient Appointment

Veterinary Medical Module

Patient Family Records

Veterinary Medical Module

Report 1

Veterinary Medical Module

Reports 2

Veterinary Medical Module
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