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Manufacturing Management

Integration of manufacturing resources to increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge over others

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Hvantage incorporates state-of-the-art ERP manufacturing solutions that specifically operate under different modes of design, manufacture, and distribution of products in order to optimize the utility of resources, material, machinery, etc thereafter satisfying delivery expectations of the user.

The business aims to open up the ERP software management to manage the administrative procedures and cover maximum industry to gain a high-profit margin. The focus of the company is to provide appropriate procedures and discrete features on a timely basis. The state-of-the-art features of our ERP application provide you the most suitable tools to fulfill your needs and caters to enhance satisfaction level from client-side management.


The open ERP module offered by Hvantage Technologies brings to you the most beneficial ways of understanding MPS for making Order as well as Stock and giving you extra privileges over the advancement of technological solutions.

  • Management of production against the stock, stock scheduling enabling machine capacity and labor acknowledgment. The following feature sets are provided:
  • Process automation
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Sales order tracking
  • Routing process management
  • Order schedule
  • Machine run-time management
  • Working time records
  • Availability analysis
  • Preventive management of resources
  • Schedule generation
  • Multiple product range scheduling




MPS manufactures are successful in scheduling and balancing constraints as well as resources for high-tech planning. The feature sets consist of:


  • Automatic population
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Routing analysis
  • Scheduling management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Multiple tentative scheduling


Features of ERP Manufacturing Management


The module allows the user to perform overall management task and operations, pre-requisites, work progress, resource allocations, working time, routing, etc for the desired framework through the features mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing resources integration
  • Data categorization
  • Product management
  • Manufacturing transition flow
  • Shop floor control
  • Traveler, labels and efficiency matrices
  • WIP management
  • MPS view
  • Projection utilization
  • Production planning through MPS
  • Manage MTS or MTO or Assemble processes
  • Inventory level management
  • Production management an auto procurement are set to minimum quantity in the material resource planning segment.
  • ERP management software incorporates different features like MPS, advanced planning and scheduling, resource scheduling, make to stock orders, Gantt chart visualization, real-time inventory management, order manufacturing, material costs, etc which increases the capability of the system.


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