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Rental Management Solution

Hvantage Technologies’ State-of-the-art streamlining of assets through the ERP management software

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When rental organizations plan to lease out their assets, components, as well as products to clients, then process automation via outsourcing services, might come in handy at your advantage. From evaluating the rental processes to accelerating business goals, we aim at providing optimal solutions as per your needs.

We aim at integrated management of technological solutions carving out a distinctive place for our workflow. We bring together a cohesive amalgamation of business solution experts devising dynamic rental management strategies. Following are the few reasons why you should opt for our services: Serving across industry verticals: We work across sectors, ensuring perfect rental management for your business. Renting out your equipment and assets while identifying involved procedures through specified periods in order to utilize a powerful interface. Day-to-day management: We believe in providing round the clock assistance on exceptional rental management solutions through unique features, easing your focus. Open ERP software: Deployment of ERP solutions into the business infrastructure, streamlining rental management procedures, integrates not only RMO functionalities but also billing warehouse management and payments. Such highlights on the services clearly specify the motive behind relying on our unmatched technical expertise.

Features for the industrial sector

  • Rentals for aerial equipment
  • Rentals related to portable sanitation
  • Rentals of construction component
  • Rentals relating to power and pump rentals
  • General rental needs
  • Preventive repairs and maintenance
  • Rentals for materials and machines rentals
  • Efficiency and management services

Features of our app

  • Rental operations
  • Warehouse records
  • Inventory management
  • Repair management
  • Maintenance services
  • Back-end management

A typical workflow in Repair and Maintenance

  • Repair and Maintenance of the products/equipment/ assets which are put up on rent can be done on-site or off-site depending upon the situation and service desk and typically it creates the stock moves accordingly. During the repair and maintenance service, you can search by serial number to pull the information related to the product/equipment which comes for repair. A person can add parts to be used up during the repair and invoicing is to be done based on the agreed terms and conditions with the customers.

A typical workflow in hvantage Rental Management

  • Rental management follows the standardized workflow to manage each aspect of the business starting from quotes to inventory allocation and billing of payments.


Dispatch Rental Product

Rental Management Solution

Quant Record for Rental Product

Rental Management Solution

Rental Monthly Invoice

Rental Management Solution

Rental Order View

Rental Management Solution

Rental Subscription

Rental Management Solution

Replace Rental Product

Rental Management Solution
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