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Property Leasing

Our management system helps you in getting control over your tenants, rentals, and properties

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We, at Hvantage Technologies, dispense the best end to end technology solutions when it comes to your Property leasing management through our open ERP software. Our prime aim is to bring to your business the state-of-the-art ERP management solutions that connect your business to various domains like hospitality, rental properties, hotel bookings, apartment rentals, etc.

The ERP software offers integration with accounts in order to maintain balance checks over financial transactions.

Report Generation


  • Our management system has defined report layouts for numerous users
  • Availability of email automation on booking
  • A visual representation of real-time bookings
  • Availability of flexible and customization on bookings
  • Event dedicated Email functionalities
  • The benefit of getting the complete booking status
  • The availability of receiving categorized booking status report
  • Filtered criteria for room availability


  • Availability of customized room categories adhering to user requirements
  • Flexibility in overpricing policies catering to the tendency of the customer
  • Definition for deposit scheme provision at booking duration

Booking History

Property Leasing

Building Definition

Property Leasing

Deposit Payment Policy

Property Leasing

Hotel Room

Property Leasing
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