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Jewellery Catalog App Development

Jewelry Catalog app is a quite flexible and useful application for android phones that enables the user to catalog a large number of jewelry items using a custom list of properties.

Jewellery Catalog App For Varied Collection

Jewellery Catalog app is a quite flexible and useful application for android phones that enables the user to catalogue a large number of jewellery items using a custom list of properties. The application also helps the user to maintain all the businesses activities from one place. The application displays a wide variety of collection in all ranges.

The jewellery catalogue mobile app empowers you to track all the customer’s product booking process individually. The jewellery catalogue mobile helps small businesses to showcase their products for their business prospects using mobile phones. The customer can view the product by different profiles so as to get an idea about the product design. This electronic catalogue also provides a product classification based on search and also considering the category & product attributes.

Also, the data can be copied to many other mobiles by the sales representatives. They can carry data by copying it from the user loaded catalogue data on one mobile which can be transferred on another mobile as well. Online jewellery catalogue app provides you with a brand code through which you can securely share your product catalogue with your authorized selling agencies. Also, the app identifies your prior customers and categorizes them as per custom variants like according to region, payment swiftness & more. The application also provides you with recommendations based on search history.

Jewellery Catalog App Features

Manage Catalog

The user can create and manage catalogs efficiently that will simply contain the user-selected product collections & lists of items.

Easily Customizable

The user can add, change, delete or reorder any fields catalog item information accordingly.

Jewellery Catalog App

Search Using Filter

The user can shortlist his/her choice by adding filters while searching to get the required list of products

Track Orders

The orders whether invoice or via a salesperson can be tracked and business transactions can be handled accurately.

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