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Fabric Cloth Trading

Business delivery supplies, handling sale orders for the Fabric industry is proving successful for the fabric firms.

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We, at Hvantage Technologies, offer your cloth trading firm with state-of-the-art purchase management handlers for streamlining the flow for the fabric industry. We provide such business solutions that handle numerous stages through a typical sale flow order including quantity availability, product handling, and payment information. These solutions hence prove to be profitable for the fabric industries which cater to the supplier product deliveries for business automation.

We have tailored solutions for business delivery supplies and product automation, ultimately proving successful for the fabric firms. Hvantage Technologies provides you with purchase management, handling sale orders and business flow for the Fabric industry.


  • We provide highly equipped sale order stages.
  • Our management system helps in capturing product availability
  • Availability of payment record scrutiny
  • We also provide handling of miscellaneous charges


  • Ease in the handling of backorders
  • The benefit of handling discount amount
  • It helps in handling territory wise details

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Fabric Cloth Trading

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Fabric Cloth Trading

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Fabric Cloth Trading
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