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Hotel Management

Best class service, centralized administration system helps to boost productivity and efficiency.

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Hotel Management involves a large number of operations and it becomes to difficult to manage them. Our Hotel Management solutions provide the user with a hassle-free operation which would help him to gain a competitive edge over others. The centralized administration system in our ERP solution certainly boosts productivity and efficiency. Hvantage provides you with the best class service that makes daily life easier, better and results in a fall in operating cost.

The Hotel Management Solutions which we provide to the customer enables him to manage room availability, inventory, and personnel data. Furthermore, if the business expands to multiple geos then the user can get a centralized single view of occupancy, revenue per available room and other supply-demand metrics by a centralized system accessible to authorized people of the business. It consists of information about the overall performance of the hotel with Hvantage's best in class ERP solutions.

Comprehensive Setup

  • Based on a number of persons or lengths of stay, our setup will help in confining Rates/packages according to your needs.
  • Our setup would help in circumscribing food and beverage categories and food items served in restaurants with sales and purchase prices.
  • We would help in the confining of restaurant tables with individual capacity.
  • With the help of our setup, you will have ease in limiting rates for each amenity and service associated with given rooms.
  • It will also help you in linking individual amenities to individual rooms.

Productive Management & Web booking engine assimilation:

  • It is easy to search for the availability of rooms for the given data set.
  • It is easy to maintain secure user credentials.
  • It is easy to Desegregate with PayPal and authorize net.
  • Initiation of successful online reservations by email.
  • Easy linking with the Hvantage Open ERP database.
  • The operations of housekeeping will be made hassle-free.
  • You can Customize the Housekeeping Categories.
  • Full engagement of housekeepers with department allocation and timesheet link.
  • Easy optimum utilization of housekeeping resources.
  • Ease in getting regular timestamps and remarks from the supervisor.
  • A separate workflow for repair work is maintained.

Voguish Front desk Management

  • All necessary information from the live portal provides convenient notation of inquiries related to room booking with a One-stop Billing facility.
  • A clear and quick view of booking status across the hotel is provided by the Room Booking Dashboard will give.
  • Proper entries of new guests with real-time recording.
  • Provisions to arrange pickup and drop facility (Chargeable/Non-Chargeable)

Smooth Booking Procedure

  • Our ERP solution facilitates selecting multiple rooms in one order.
  • Our ERP solution facilitates the booking of rooms through the draft, Confirmed stages.
  • Our ERP solution facilitates creating a room booking folio at the arrival of the guest.
  • Our ERP solutions help in linking all the chargeable services used by the customer during their stay for billing.
  • It facilitates Table Reservation.
  • Helps in capturing advance lunch/ dinner order for Pre Booked table
  • Helps in capturing Table Order for walk-in customer
  • Allows generation of online Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT)
  • Allows generation of restaurant bills & linking to Accounts Module

Convenient Restaurant management

  • You can get an advance requisition for booking a table.
  • It helps you in getting table orders for walk-in customers.
  • Access to Creation of Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT).
  • It helps in generating restaurant bills and interfacing the bills with an accounts module.

Vigorous and modular Hotel Management & implementation of the GDS system

  • The Hvantage OpenERP helps in database interfacing of the hotel management module.
  • It allows safe and secure login into Hvantage ERP software for users.
  • Provision to interface multiple hotels in a single database.
  • Oneness in room rent definitions for GDS allocated rooms.
  • Room booking synced from GDS to Hvantage OpenERP Software.

Effective Laundry Management

  • It helps in getting room wise laundry requests and ensuring timely collection.
  • Defined rates for various laundry services.
  • It provides a facility to customize laundry Services (Internal/third party).
  • It helps in linking the laundry bills with the invoice.

Managing Banquet halls and events conducted

  • It helps in getting the availability of banquet halls.
  • Facilitates generating customized packages for each function.
  • It helps in the allocation of the task for each event/function.
  • Facilitates the creation of invoices for banquet halls and other chargeable services.
  • It helps in the creation of a project from Approved Banquet quotation
  • You have the flexibility of Assigning Tasks to either internal use or to Third Party
  • To minimize wastage and loss of time, close monitoring of overdue tasks is undertaken.
  • The facility of audit Reports with the option to capture Auditor remark on incomplete tasks.
  • The grading system for each task is based on the quality of work.
  • Supplier Bill deductions based on grades by auditors.

Managing Inventory

  • It Ensures minimum wastage of time by closely monitoring an overdue task.
  • Maintaining provisions for assigning given tasks to internal or third parties.
  • It helps in the creation of proper audit reports with an option to mention auditors’ remarks on partially completed tasks.
  • It provides the facility of assigning grades to the task completed according to quality of work.
  • Helps in deductions in supplier bills according to the grades allocated by auditors.
  • It has Full Integration with Odoo OpenERP database & hotel management module.
  • Secured login for Odoo OpenERP users.
  • It also has the ability to integrate multiple hotels in a single database
  • Room allocations to GDS for a stipulated date frame.
  • Availability of One interface to make your rooms visible on more than 4 top-ranked GDS systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Travel Network, Travel port.
  • It has exclusive room rent definitions for GDS allocated rooms.
  • The synchronization of room booking from GDS to Odoo OpenERP

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