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Consulting Management

Solutions to gratify the diversified needs of your consultancy firm and elevate client expectations

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We help you in supporting your prime focus is on advising the clients on optimal operation streamlining. Hvantage Technologies doesn't just smoothen or pace-up the profitability of your consultancy business, but we also integrate consulting management ERP software into your system, even if your business is spread across the world.

With the most lucid implementations, our solutions are what it takes to aggravate your consultancy and move it past the competition to unexpected success levels. Hvantage Technologies tends to fabricate tailored technology solutions completely complying with your operations.



  • Client satisfaction through consultancy services is provided adroitly by our 360-degree support, tending to effective and efficient management.
  • Proper track of time investment, as well as skill-sets, are put to optimal utilization for dedicated functionalities.
  • Budget optimization on the micro as well as macro levels for consultation projects on both, for better management.
  • Extensive storage and precise retrieval of client and stake records.



  • Stimulating your consulting firm's revenue model for better prospects at success dispensing distinct accounting modules through invoices, payments, etc.
  • A thoroughly integrated HR module aids in managing the consultancy workforce as well as personnel management, creating the company and salary structure.
  • Prompt, interactive, precise and timely reports tending towards more user-friendly approaches on consultation projects lead towards better decision-making capacity.

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Consulting Management

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Consulting Management

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Consulting Management
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