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Posted on : Feb 27, 2020 | Posted By : Hvantage


Struggling to prove as an established entrepreneur in the market with a fund in one hand and time and quality in another yet not getting the results. You are not getting how to make a balance between the money, time and quality and searching for a magic wand to get disappear your struggle. Then come into a reality that there is no such magic wand, you yourself have the magic to give a perfect blend of money, time and quality.

Let us look at how money, time and quality can add a new taste to your success:

Money: Needless to say money is the first requisite to inaugurate your startup. The fund and money are the fuel to gear up your business plans. When you work out with the right strategy, you start generating revenues and profits. Then the next thing that is important is to maintain the revenues and profit to continue earnings. When you invest in your business you expect the profit as a return from the venture. But initially, you should not concentrate on the large returns but should go with the small returns as small drops collectively fill the pot. Earning money should not be a priority at the initial phase rather earning esteem, customer’s trust and manage the startup.

Time Management is requisite: For any company or entrepreneur, time management is the upcoming stair for reaching the destination. You need to manage your round the clock times for the startups until the time you are reaping the fruitful results. Once you succeed in coveting with targets and performance, you may be the king of business. Today’s customers deal with the rapid technology and thus they are addicted to the rapid rate of getting served. The Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc. have earned the trust of customers through their timeliness. Being an entrepreneur or any service provider you should value time not only yours but your customer’s too. Remember, Time and tide wait for the none and being in a market zone it won’t be wrong to say, customers do also wait for none. If you would not value your time, neither will others. For the startup, time management and utilizing each and every microsecond are incumbent.

The customers don’t want to waste time waiting for the service and even don’t have patience when they have the options for 24 hours delivery. So you must comply with the timely services. The timeliness becomes more salient when you come as young ones in the market. As the competition is tough and a myriad of established businessmen are running their organizations and companies and hold the top positions in the market you need to show your skills and a new approach to serve your customers and steal the title of punctual entrepreneur from your competitors.

Quality matters: Quality is the key to unlock the doors for customers’ visits. It is the magnet that attracts the customers to your store and builds a trust bridge between you and them. When you start and remain in the initial phase, you need to build a satisfactory bridge for your customers. Once they get satisfied with the quality and performance of your services and products, you would be their long-run service providers. Quality services differentiate you from your competitors. Working with the engaging quality may cost your few pence but believe us each penny will worth it. Each invested penny will come as the satisfied and long-time customer as a return. Improvise on the quality plans and start working.

Bottom line:

Being an entrepreneur, you must have an essence of time, money and quality management. These are the three butterflies that can take you to a garden of a successful business zone. If you think that it may be complicated to handle all three simultaneously, manage the two at a time and then work with the third. Even if you find problems in managing the startup, you can take assistance from the various startup assisting companies who can leverage you with the various modern tools and technologies that can help you to take your startup at the long-lasting business.

We at hvantage are one of the startup assisting company that works efficiently with the modern IoT and mobile app development techniques. With the crush of management between the time, money and quality, you will shine like a pearl.  



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