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Posted on : Feb 27, 2020 | Posted By : Hvantage


The world is now looking beyond the bro culture and stepping ahead to empower the women. The entrepreneurship has witnessed a massive change in the vision of investors. The accelerators and incubators are holding importance in the entrepreneurship as they give their helpful hands for funding the startups and supporting the entrepreneurs to grow.

The world has understood that women have different vision and lens to admire and utilize the resources. The successful women entrepreneurs have shown the world that they can blend the family and working responsibilities perfectly that no one could have imagined. The success stories are now looking forward to the steps of the new women entrepreneurs.

As technology is expanding its wings widely, the women are having a better chance to prove themselves and manage the working responsibilities. A Global Leadership Summit had conducted a survey and came up with the results that by 2020, the 34% of the world is going to turn as remote workers, that would help the freelancer women to manage the works more easily.

See the other side of women entrepreneurship:

The women in the world are still struggling to chase their dreams.

  • The experts and investors have come to the conclusion that there are only seven countries like Thailand, Mexico, Ghana in the world where women are working equally as men while everywhere the countries are still struggling for the women empowerment.
  • In the workshop held by female angels of Jumpstart in D.C. Washington in 2017, the trio of female investors gave the fact that only 3% of women-led companies add venture capital while 90% of investors believe in investing in the men led companies only. Many miles to go by women entrepreneurs.
  • Being an entrepreneur, Ivanka Trump in Global Entrepreneur Summit held in 2017, have put light on starting, owning, and growing as the preliminary obstacles. She mentioned the need for capital, fund, supporting chain, mentors and laws and policies supporting the entrepreneurship conveniently.

Here emerges the need for educating and levelling the women to battle with the bro culture. The women must know their power and aspirations to target the right audience. They must know the investment strategies and the right investors for their venture. With the dreams and passion when a woman enters the business market, she struggles for financial support for the startup may be due to discriminations or gender bias. But there are many financial supporters like Women’s World Banking are coming forth to support the futuristic entrepreneurs. They know that even with a small startup budget, a big dream can be achieved. Thereby coming the financial institutions like International Finance Corporation for giving an initiative so that women entrepreneurs can scale up their projects.

The fledgeling businesses need support to fly in the sky. Here mentorship and awaking investors are crucial that can give a right angle to the women’s vision and drive them on the highway. The Bank of America and America’s State Department are bridging the financial gap for Global Partnership for women in countries like the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Latin America.

The women educating programmes for business and management, investments and strategy making the vision, how to target the right audience and to motivate the potential and calibre inside the women are the crucial requisites that can turn the women spark into the bright light. Such training programmes and workshops have come up with the better boosting results that have reflected in revenue generation and forwarding the mentorship to the other aspiring women.

Last but not least

As women are the potential investors who invest themselves for others, it is worthy to note that 90% of returns from women ventures would reflect in the communities and families itself. One candle can ignite others and the chain goes on. Similarly, one successful woman entrepreneur inspires others to work with confidence and chase the dream beyond the world’s inequality and biased gender culture. The time has now come to be the witness of women empowerment and calibre to be a successful entrepreneur who would blossom the markets with the fragrance of feminist skills. Being in the modernizing world and going with the trends, we at hvantage understand the calibre of women and eager to assist them with the latest IoT applications, Designing and Rapid Development Prototype which are needed at the startup or even for the long-run business. No technology or any obstacle can hinder the women entrepreneurs to be successful. Shakehand with hvantage!!


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